Digital Signage ROI, 2012 edition


What’s the return on investment for digital signage? Find the answers you need in this new report filled with actual numbers and solid cost/benefit analysis.


Companies investing in digital signage want to know that their investment will pay off. Until now, real-world ROI numbers for digital signage have been tough to come by.

Not anymore. In this exclusive new 52-page report, the staff of Digital Signage Today gives a thorough yet easy-to-understand overview of the concept of ROI (both “hard” and “soft”) as it applies to digital signage, then delves deep into the numbers, showing you exactly where the money goes – and when it moves into the black.

Using the latest U.S. Census Bureau revenue figures for seven different types of retail business, this report lays out detailed data for each of those retail types in several sizes – for instance, how soon will a convenience store chain of 10 stores recoup its investment, versus a c-store chain of 100? What does ROI mean for a mom-and-pop clothing store, and what does it mean for a major apparel retailer in malls nationwide?

The report contains 40 full pages of charts and graphs, going into a detailed cost/benefit analysis for 20 different retail situations. (Want to see more detail? Click these for full-size sample pages: Sample 1, Sample 2.)

Whether digital signage is in your future, or there are already screens on your walls, this report will help you make the move to black ink as quickly as possible. It’s a wealth of business intelligence for only $497. Get your copy today!