Retail Digital Signage ROI


This report provides a thumbnail estimate of that break-even point for various types of retail when adding digital signage.


It’s clear that digital signage has a positive impact on retail sales — but just how much of one is a matter of debate. Numerous studies have been commissioned and published, trying to determine the net effect dynamic signage will have on the average store’s sales.

Included in this report:

  • Learn about the costs – and the benefits – of deploying digital signage in your retail space.
  • Get a grip on ROI with actual numbers provided by actual digital signage vendors.
  • How much does your store stand to profit over time as a result of deploying screens?
    • Pages of exclusive graphs tell the story.
  • Make the case for adding digital signage with research-based sales-lift data.
  • Gain insight into how digital signage works, and what specific benefits it brings, to specific retailer types.

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